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Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy New Year Animals...I mean Humans!

Hi everybody, it's me, Rich Morning. I've hacked into the super secret, brand new Delavigne Corporation blog just so I could be the first animal ever to post on this site! Aren't I fantastic? Clearly I am.

Now if you agree in principal to be amazed by me 21 fabulous times, all you have to do is check me out on my own website: and my wacky blog at! It's true, my show and my blog is mainly about animals, but even grown-ups will enjoy my unique sense of humor and my enormous neck.

Wait... someone's coming... he has beautiful black hair and he smells very good. It must be the famous Bruno Delavigne you all know and love! Well, I've got to go, I've heard that he doesn't allow ostriches in his office after six o'clock! Remember to watch my show and check back regularly after the new year for more updates about the lives of your favorite English-speaking humans, the Delavigne gang. Oh... and if you have small children, please encourage them to brush their teeth and then watch my show!

Peace out!