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Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year, New Blog

Hello staff, customers, visitors, friends and google robots!

Bruno Delavigne here, President and CEO of the Delavigne Corporation.

2009 is here and with it comes the hopes, dreams and challenges of a new year. One of the new initiatives we've started here at the company is a brand new blog, featuring appearances and posts by our crack staff of half-wits and heroes. We hope you enjoy, participate and give us your feedback during what promises to be an exciting time for our company. We'll use this space to fill you in on our plans for the new year, complain about our peers, gossip, and most importantly discuss the status of my dog Stink (he is happy that it is snowing in Northern California).

I truly feel that this blog has unlimited potential for growth, and our future is so bright. We are now officially open for blogging.

P.S. Brian, thanks for the tea, but you know I'm a coffee man.


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