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Friday, June 26, 2009

Funky Friday Feedback: Alien Nation

Greetings fellow Terrestrians, it is I, Bruno Delavigne, your fearless leader and resident of planet earth. Today is a sad day on our planet, as one of our favorite aliens, the King of Pop, a frequent walker of the moon, has departed for another world. Perhaps he has returned to his own planet to reunite with his beloved chimpanzee Bubbles. Perhaps he is going to the big Neverland Ranch in the sky. In any case, Michael's death doesn't change the fact that today is Funky Friday (the 37th), and we require feedback on your choices, so let us know the dilly-o earthlings: what did you vote for and why... and don't forget to tell me your favorite Michael Jackson memory on the way!

Why has Todd come to Earth?
Remember, this is YOUR choice: no answer is right; no answer is wrong; no answer is too funky!
To find the funniest joke on Earth.
To spend a nice summer in California.
To have his spaceship cleaned.
To learn how to rap.

Oh, and just for old time's sake...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Who's your daddy...and what does he do?

In this country, on the third Sunday of June after the first great rain of the second monsoon of the eighth flood of the sixteenth earthquake, is a day they call Father's Day. According to the Wikipidia demon, 'Father's Day is a day honoring fathers'.

I do not wish to tell you about my father, because it is a sensitive subject, and unless I am sufficiently drunk, I refuse to talk about it. However, now is the time to tell me about your father, and your memories of the man who impregnated your mother with his man seed. Please, talk to Horatio. He wants to hear your tender souvenirs because they help me kill time before American Idol starts. Here, I tell you exactly what I want, or my governor will...

Who is your daddy, and what does he do?


Monday, June 1, 2009

My favorite Aliens

Greetings, Earthlings. Here are your voting results.

Here are the results of last Friday's vote. The next Funky Friday lesson is scheduled for JUNE 26th 2009.

On the last Funky Friday, you were asked to vote on the following question:

What do Brian and Philip see outside the window?

A medieval knight. 11.75% (324 votes)

Bruno Delavigne about to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. 18.89% (521 votes)

A Police SWAT team encircling Delavigne HQ. 30.13% (831 votes)

An alien spaceship. 39.23% (1082 votes)

It's official! GymGlish users have decided that the Delavigne Corporation has been visited by aliens! Will they be friendly? Did they smell Delavigne fragrances from another galaxy? Will a few bottles of Tiger Lilly be enough to stop them from destroying the Earth? We'll find out in next month's Funky Friday!


I voted for the Dragons, but unfortunately, that was not an option. Now I have a brilliant idea: Everyone list their best alien in the comment box. Here I go first: ALF (using telephone).

Now you go!