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Friday, August 28, 2009

Who has seen me on the thunderbox?

All bow down to me: Horatio Oléré: Perfumer, Shaman, Karaoke King, and now... biggest star in all of television! I play a talking shark, a fat Italian man who makes pizza pies, and myself (perhaps the hardest role of all time. It's so hard to get inside my own head and find my inspiration).

What am I talking about? Funky Friday 39 of course! My opinion, it's the best ever, but what do you think? I ask you questions, and you answer by commenting okay?

1. Which television shows did we satire? Here is a hint: there are 3 of them!
2. Which parody was the best? Here is a hint: I am the best!
3. Which Delavigne cast member is the best actor? Here is a hint: It is me!
4. What are your favorite thunderbox shows on the the thunderbox when you were young? Here is a hint: I don't know!

Ok, you answer Horatio's pop quiz, and I prepare my acceptance speech for the Emmys! You answer now!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Michael Jackson is dead????!!!!!

Oh my god! I just received a pigeon from my village in Amazon.

He says Michael Jackson, the king of popular music, astronaut, creator of strange dances and expert at grabbing genitals, is no more! I say 'Shut up, pigeon! This is a lie! Why you lie?' The pigeon says, 'I not lying, Michael is dead!', then I administer lie detector test on pigeon. Pigeon passes polygraph test! I say, no, this cannot be, so I give pigeon truth serum, and tiny bit of whisky. Pigeon then says: 'Give me more whisky! This time with ice!' So I give pigeon whisky with ice, and still he says Michael is dead.

I don't know what to do, so I eat pigeon. It's very tasty, but still I am crying and confused.

Is it true? Is Michael really dead? He was my hero! I based my perfume 'Crazy Feminine Man with Melting Face' on Michael! Bruno would not let me sell it to public, but still, it was a very special smell! I cannot believe this! Has anyone else heard this rumor? Is the pigeon in my stomach telling the truth?

Here is a song that Michael Jackson wrote for a beautiful whale named Willie. Willie sings very well, but he cannot dance like Michael.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Current Events Club: Immigration

Hello current events boffins!

You may recently have heard us members of Delavigne's Current Events Club discussing our views on immigration. Even if you didn't, you might have some opinions on the matter: and we'd love to hear them!

Personally, I've had a pretty hard time coming to work legally in the States (I'm a British citizen, in case you were wondering about my accent!). It's been very stressful, but things are now sorted at last. However, I do think that the immigration laws here in the USA are too strict, and should be relaxed... How about you?

I look forward to reading your comments!

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