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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Funky Friday reader, we've been expecting you...

You've read the love letter, you've answered the question, you've clicked on the link to the blog... now all that's left to do is submit your beautiful letter for next month's Funky Friday!

This is the place to do it. Just leave a comment on this post or if you're feeling shy or bashful then you can e-mail us.

Remember, you can
-make mistakes (we'll correct them)
-be funny, sexy and even over-the-top

You cannot:
-write in any language other than English

Good luck people! We love you!

UPDATE: Thank you for all your wonderfully romantic and well-written letters, posted here in the comment section or written to us at our Funky Friday address (funkyfriday at gymglish dot com)! Be sure to keep sending them! We can't get enough of them! Also, be sure to let us know if you're willing to have them published or not! Thanks again. I can feel the love tonight!
-Bruno et al

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sex Sells?

What up party people? Philip Cheeter here. Check out this piece on condom advertisements... I noticed that the most daring ones come from overseas... coincidence? Or are the rumors about European friskiness true? Let me know what you think. And no Prudie Prudes, you guys spoil things for everyone!

The best wiki page ever

As part of my 'special assistant' status I'm often required to get a little dirty now and again. Which is why I was quite happy to come across this beauty on the wikipedia site. It was obviously written by expert in waste disposal like me!

Who out there can find a page on wikipedia that's better than this?

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Friday, September 4, 2009

The new GymGlish Blog is here!

Alright people, announcement time!

The new url for this blog:!
The url for the new GymGlish blog, where you'll find corporate news and updates from the GymGlish team, is here:!

Bookmark now!

You'll find a link in the 'who we are section' in the margin!

Happy reading,