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Friday, February 26, 2010

Meet the Delavignes...

Family, eh? Who'd have one?

After all these years, we finally got to meet Bruno's family. I always wondered why Bruno never talked about his childhood, but now I can see why it was a touchy subject. I mean, having a brother who bullies you for liking perfume is bad enough, but when you meet the parents... well, let's just say that Philip Larkin (and his famous poem) was probably right.

What do you think of his family? Are they the characters you were expecting? And would you like to see more of them?

Oh and one last thing...
What do you think Xavier Delavigne sounds like? For a guy who died in a freak perfume accident decades ago, he probably has the strangest stuff to talk about.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm hungry

It's just gone half past nine in the morning here in San Francisco. I arrived at the Delavigne office about half an hour ago. AND I'M HUNGRY.

I've heard wonderful things about large, friendly corporations such as Moogle providing free snacks and meals for their employees all day long. Doesn't that sound like heaven?! Here at Delavigne, we do have a subsidised staff canteen, although the quality of the food served often leaves a lot to be desired... If you want a decent snack, you have to bribe Edward (the intern) to go out and get it for you. I like to think I'm doing him a favour by helping him to supplement his meagre salary...

But what I really need right now is a little snack room. I'd like to be able to walk in there, look at a selection of fresh fruit and nuts, and then decide to eat a chocolate chip muffin instead.

Bruno, if you're reading this, please please help me!

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