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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Once Upon a Time at Delavigne Corp

Wow! What an exciting Funky Friday! But who will be the sheriff? I was of course offered the role, but I have some previous musical commitments (I need to buy a new string for my guitar).

Talking of music, I'm going to leave you with a clip of arguably the best piece of music ever written for a Western. It's from Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West and the music was written by Ennio Morricone. (You'll notice he has the same initials as me - no wonder his music is brilliant!).

Note the famous actor who plays the villain Frank. Why do you think audiences were shocked when they first saw his face?

Bye for now!

Edward 'Shaky Fingers' Moon

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Fred's April Fools' Day Joke


It was a pleasure to be involved in this exciting project for April Fools' Day. I hope you were all fooled by my cartoon! As a matter of fact, this wasn't my only April Fools' joke. I also dyed my beard green (please see my self-portrait below). Normally it's orange so I totally freaked my partner out! Awesome.

Please tell me about your April Fools' Day experiences. Did you play any jokes on anyone? Or perhaps you just want to tell me how much you like my artwork!

Ciao for now!


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