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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A funky call you don't want to miss

What's the most important phone call you've ever made? When you told your mother you were pregnant? When you phoned the police about a crime you were witnessing? When you ordered delicious pizza at 2AM when you had the munchies?

Well this month's Funky Friday featured a fairly important phone call: the President of Russia contacting the President of the USA to avoid nuclear war. Pretty important, right? Thanks, Presidents. The phone call below isn't bad, either, even if it is in black and white:

The most important phone call I've ever received was the one from Luna (in Human Resources) telling me that my application to the Delavigne Corporation was successful. The most important phone call Philip Cheeter has ever received was from his ex-girlfriend, telling him that the paternity test he took came out negative...

So, tell us a little about the key phone calls in your life. We're all ears!

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