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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Edward's Song of the Month

Hello, it's Edward Moon here with his song appreciation club!

This month, we're looking at Horatio's Peace and Love song.

Peace and love!

It's changing colour!
Peace and love!
It smells like a VW van!
Peace and love!
It's trippy, man!
Peace and love!

First of all, let's explain some of the lyrics...
VW (Volkswagon) vans were very popular in the sixties...

If something is 'trippy', it is 'cool' or 'freaky'! 'Trippy' is a fairly new word, but it is of course based on the term '(psychedelic) trip', the experience that results from taking halacagenic drugs like LSD. See below for a a more accurate definition...

Musically, Horatio's Peace and Love song has a distinctive descending bassline, a technique that was very popular in the sixties. Listen to these!

But of course, like most things in music, Bach got there first. He was tripping out big time on descending basslines 250 years before everyone else!

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