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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weird and wacky olympics

This month, Funky Friday introduced you to the Impossible Olympics ('the Olympics where people do impossible things').

As ever, all sorts of crazy people got up to some crazy things before the dope testers stopped all the fun. We're not even allowed to tell you about the Delavigne staff's high jinks in the Olympic Village (Luna, you can put the fire extinguisher down now).

I for one would like to celebrate the Olympic spirit (best summed up in this video) by introducing you to some other special games that exist on this crazy planet:

The Redneck Games (mud, beer, wet t-shirts):

The Hipster Olympics (moustaches, thick-rimmed glasses, slick hair):

The Chap Olympiad (tweed, sandwiches, panache):

The Nemean Games (tunics, barefeet, ancient greeks):

 The Highland Games (clans, tartan, tossing):

And lastly, my favourite, Yeti Sports (yetis, penguins, angry bosses):

Any other 'alternative' olympics you'd like to tell us about?

Peace out!