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Friday, December 28, 2012

I dreamed a dream

When I first penetrated this country of America North, I had nothing but one pair of underwear, a hunting spear and a half-ounce of magic mushrooms. All these possessions were confiscated at one of your modern 'air garages', and they only let me keep the underwear because they were scared of its potent smells and mystical powers.

I had nothing, yet I was happy. Why? Because America is a land of opportunities. A land where semi-legal immigrants can find happiness, strip clubs that serve breakfast, and highly-paid positions within perfume companies that tolerate partial nudity. You take this freedom for granted, but not I, Horatio Oléré. Strip clubs in the Amazon are not so generous with pancakes.

 You say, why you talk me about this Horatio? I say shut up. This is magical place where dreams come true every day. And now, my boss, the great Bruno what's-his-name is going to make another dream come true.

You say again, why? I say again, shut up. Bruno will fund my dream because he almost died. I don't know why this is special. I nearly die every day, but you don't see me make a big deal about it. Anyway, I do not question his weird misplaced generosity. I only ask him to make my dream come true. We'll see what happens.

In comment box below, you tell me your life dreams. I do not judge. I welcome all ideas and will not hesitate to steal them for myself in revenge for the hunting spear and mushrooms taken from my person. In meantime, you continue to dream, and maybe I will steal those too.

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