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Thursday, June 27, 2013

What would your new identity be?

Today Horatio resigned from the Delavigne Corporation to avoid being murdered by his colleagues. Fair enough, you might say: it's bad enough having to come to work, but to be killed in cold blood by a fellow employee would really be annoying.

Anyway, no one at the office really cares why Horatio has gone. They're more interested in what he will become. It sounds like he's got some pretty wacky ideas about the new identity he will assume!

All this got me thinking about Reginald Perrin. Reginald was a middle-aged, middle manager that got so bored with his job that he ran away and staged his own suicide. He then continued to assume a variety of identities including a pig farmer, sewage worker, aristocrat and porn star. I made the last one up, but you get the idea. It's actually a really funny British TV series that dates remarkably well considering it was made in the 70s! Below is the opening titles. The music is amazing, it's by Ronnie Hazlehurst, the legendary composer that penned many of the most famous theme tunes of the era!

Hope you like it! Oh yeah, what would your new identity be if you faked your own death? (Not saying you should do it or anything!)


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