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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Double trouble with the double helix

Today's Funky Friday contained two bombshells for Bruno: DNA tests revealed that his 'daughter', Danica, wasn't his daughter after all; then they revealed that his 'mother', Sarah, wasn't his actual mother!

Childless and motherless after one small test, it's enough to destroy any man. Oh my poor, poor Bruno, no wonder you fled. Confound you DNA and the truth contained in your double helical structure!

I therefore wanted to find out more about this so-called 'DNA'. How could 3 letters cause so much pain? What is a double helix? Is there a gene for the human spirit? What does the word GATTACA mean?

The answers, it turns out, are neatly contained in the largely-forgotten TV movie, Life Story: The Race for the Double Helix. I've included links to the film. It's well worth your time.

The second part can be found here. Let me know what you think!


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