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Friday, May 30, 2014

I want to be your drill instructor

Hello, Edward here!

Did you catch Funky Friday? It was especially funky today! 

Who would have thought that Bruno and Horatio met at military school? What a revelation!

Do you think the rest of the Delavigne Corporation met in previous lives? 

Maybe Philip Cheeter and Krazy Gideon went to the same kindergarten? Dr. Loblaw and Hannah Benedict went to the same speech therapy lessons? I suppose I could have gone to school with Susan Bliss, but she would have been older, more beautiful, more popular, and wouldn't have known I existed. But I guess that could describe most women I have met in my short and frustrating life.

Anyway, if you have any ideas about how other DC employees met, please tell me!

Also, what do you think Bruno and Horatio will do next? If I were them, I would take the opportunity to form an electro-pop duo, perhaps drawing inspiration from Queen but adding a touch of Joy Division to give the sound a darker underbelly. But what do you think they'll do?

Anyway, I have to go and feed the photocopier. But I'll leave you with a clip from Stanley Kubrick's romantic comedy, Full Metal Jacket. Warning: this clip contains shouting!

Have a very funky Friday!


Blogger Unknown said...

Bruno had worked all the week and didn't mean to allot some time to Stink so he decided to go alone for a stroll through the city.It was exciting for the puppy as that kind of thing was'nt allowed to him.
He trotted down the stairs to the hallway where Willy opened the door.

Once on the sideway he made a point to avoid cars and celebrated many trees. All the way down the downtown he arrived on the wharf of the San Francisco harbor where he saw seagulls struggling with others for a fish which a fisher had thrown to them.
One was weakest and quckly set apart, hit it by his winged-mate beaks. Stink rushed in the riot to see the birds fly away and went gazing aton along the pleasant boat to eventually come back to the Treasure Trove Tower.
From this day a seagull was standing on the window frame that enlight the Bruno's desktop.

May 31, 2014 at 12:38 PM  

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