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Thursday, September 25, 2014

100 months of funk!

Hello my faithful, funky friends!

Today is the 100th Funky Friday! That's right, there have now been 100 days of solid funk! That's approximately 250 kilos of funk; or in layman's terms, enough funk to fill two Albert Halls. If that's still not clear for you, it's about as funky as James Brown moonwalking backwards up Everest to meet Jimi Hendrix for a jam. It's a lot of funk!

So what have been our favourite funky moments? The time when Bruno talked, and possibly made love to, a dolphin (FF12)? Or the time that Harold Warbuckle and Philip Cheeter drank a magic milkshake that allowed them to predict the future (FF55)? Or the very Funky Friday when the Delavigne Corporation turned into a comedy musical (FF56)? Or what about that time that Gymglish users got their own hands filthy with funk and wrote hundreds of love letters to Gymglish (FF40)?

Difficult to choose, or even remember. But let's use this internet thing to try and reminisce together! Tell me about your funkiest moments, and why not say what you'd like to see in the next 100 months of Funky Friday! I'm pretty friendly with the Gymglish team so, who knows, your suggestions might be taken into account. Or laughed at and discarded. Who knows? But please share!

Enjoy the rest of this very special Funky Friday!

with love from the funkiest intern in the universe,