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Thursday, January 29, 2015

From babies to accents

Oh no! No more baby Carlos!

We are devastated of course. But the seeds of our salvation, and growing a fine plant that will comfort and unite us under its majestic leaves, were contained in the Funky Friday vote choices - accents!

What's your favourite English speaking accent? My favourite is a whiney, high-pitched brand of Esturay English (spoken in South East England). I don't why I love it so much! I could listen to it all day, especially when it sings Queen's "We are the Champions" in the shower, like it did this morning.

Come on, you must have a favourite! Scottish, Welsh, Americain, Texan? Or maybe you like the sound of your accent when you speak English. I'm sure it couldn't be weirder than the young Irish gentleman below.

So, until next time, I wish you and your accent a pleasant month, heavy on getting your point accross, and light on being mocked for sounding like a seasick Darlek. Which leads us nicely to my incomprehensible friend.