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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fun with idioms

Well hello there,

I really enjoyed this month's Funky Friday, but poor old Xiao Xiao had a hard time with some of the English tongue's most difficult expressions! She made a valiant effort - those phrases are tough! - however, in the end the idioms won I'm afraid.

Let's look at some of the expressions that were butchered featured in the episode and see how Xiao Xiao could have come out on top:

"I hope you don’t mind me contacting you out of the blue lagoon" → WRONG! She should have used the correct idiom 'to come out of the blue'. This means 'to appear unexpectedly, without warning'. Example: Bruno came into my bedroom out of the blue. I was shocked, but thrilled.

"I will be in your neck of the forest" → WRONG! She should have used the correct idiom 'to be in your neck of the woods'. This means 'to be near the place where you live or work'. Example: Bruno is one of the cleverest men in our neck of the woods.

"So, shall we get your balls rolling?" → WRONG! She should have used the correct idiom 'to get the ball rolling'. This means 'to begin' or 'to get a process started'. Example: I hope that this meeting will get the ball rolling on the new project.

"There’s no need to beat around my bush" → WRONG! She should have used the correct idiom 'to beat around the bush'. This means 'to avoid talking about what is important' or 'to be deliberately ambiguous or unclear'. Example: Let's stop beating around the bush here, I'm not interested in bushes. My love for Bruno is real.

Did you spot any other idioms in the episode? Or better still, what are your favourite idioms? I'll be as gay as a lark if you got back to me.

Stay safe, there are some bad ass idioms out there.