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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Big Bang

Hi, it's top Eddie here.

Did you hear that explosion? What do you mean what explosion? That HUGE explosion on the second floor. Well, I SAW that explosion. It looked a lot like this.

Well it didn't look exactly like that. Bruno wasn't exactly calmly walking away from the explosion. He was nowhere to be seen until somebody found him under a pile of rubble in a puddle of - let's be generous - embryonic perfume. Quite.

So everyone is pretty excited about what is going to be built to replace the smouldering crater on the second floor. I would prefer a recording studio, as my own is a bit small and I can't get a full 90-piece orchestra into it (two words: film scores). What would you like to be seen built there? Maybe you're happy with the crater?

Anyway, enjoy the rest of this very funky Friday and I hope some of the funk spills over into your weekend - a bit like Bruno's 'perfume' spilt all over him.