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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Q + A with Susan Bliss

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I thought Susie handled her Q & A session with aplomb, though I admit I was wounded when she mentioned that she systematically deletes my e-mails. I mean a lot of those e-mails feature cute kitten pictures and forwarded chain mails. It's not only unsolicited nudes.

Personally I would have prefered T & A with Susan Bliss, but hey, I'm just a mysogynistic jerk that's less evolved than a caveman, or so my dentist keeps telling me.

I think Bruno did a great job too emceeing the whole event, especially when he had to pronounce all those difficult user names, but I can't help but wonder what kind of questions would be asked of me.

What would you ask me, Gymglish users? What would you ask any of us? My life is an open book... or maybe a comic book. Your turn to get inside my head, and possibly inside my pants. Fire away!