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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Observations on the Moon family from Earth.

There's an expression in English: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I'm not sure of its origins - certainly Anglo-Saxons are fond of agrarian metaphors, as well as those concerning fruit. In any case, the expression means that a child often grows up to resemble their parent, particularly their father.

Fathers and sons. Progeny and progeniture. Genetically, emotionally and spiritually bonded, except it seems in the case of the Moons.

In fact,  I've rarely seen an apple fall farther from a tree than in the case of Stephen and Edward Moon. Maybe once - that time I visited a farm during a tornado, but that was a different.

Stephen Moon seems to be a man's man. Rugged, stoic, paranoid and libertarian. He has a healthy fear of the government, as well as a healthy respect for privacy. He uses moose to circumambulate. He kills wolves via drone strikes.

Edward, by contrast, is a gawky, pale teen in search of meaning. His forays to the coffee machine and the photocopier have taught him nothing about the real world. His continued attempts to connect with a patriarchal figure via the music of his time - rock and roll, seem fruitless.

Which brings us back to fruit. We've come full-circle. While Stephen Moon seems to be as American as apple pie in his violence, self-sufficiency and thirst for gold, he also seems a bit bananas. The younger Moon, Edward, well, let's just say there's no comparing the two - They're apples and oranges.

What did you think of the pair?