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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Robo Dystopia

Greetings fellow humans,
(also hello to robot readers and of course the nanobots at the NSA)

Welcome to the robo dystopia. I for one welcome our new robotic bretheren, especially if they've got those same magic fingers that BrianBot possesses - Wowza, that Bot can shiatsu with the best of them. He gives my regular masseuses (masseese?) Olga and Yuriko a run for their money. Impressive.

Now that I'm relaxed and freshly massaged, I just want to echo my support for more robots in the workplace - but why stop there? Philip is lobbying hard for robots to move from the the boardroom to the bedroom, and Harold Warbuckle enjoys playing Russian Roulette with his cowboy bots. I say this can only end well - Humanity and robots are meant to live together in harmony and without complications or violence, I fail to see any scenario in which things might go wrong.

In conclusion: Bring on the robots! Bring on the jobs they will eliminate. Bring on corporate tax exemptions. Make Delavigne Great Again! ---

Whoops, sorry, I think a robot must have typed that last bit. I guess may be they're not to be trusted after all. Food for thought.