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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Talkin' Bout a Revolution

I heard from a little birdie (literally, I intercepted a pigeon) that there are strange things afoot at the Delavigne Corporation. There's talk of revolution, upheaval, rebellion, dissidence and protest. Frankly, that stuff is for the birds  (literally - I told that to the pigeon that's been flying through the office hallways).

I can't be bothered to involve myself in any of that political stuff because I'm sitting pretty, with my legs up on a desk watching old home movies of Susan Bliss. Don't ask me where I obtained them. Let's just say that it's easy to get weird stuff in the back alleys of Bangkok.

Ever since the robots arrived at Delavigne, life has taken a turn for the 'awesome' for yours truly - robots iron my suits, make my sales calls, attend my meetings and ocasionally tickle my #$^% with a feather. Now you know why I intercepted that pigeon.

Anyway, I don't know what Brian has planned, but I want no part of it. Politics and robots don't mix, I always say. Besides, what has revolution ever done for anyone? I mean, aside from the creation of democracy, or freedom from dictatorship?

What do you think, public at large? Revolution or status quo? I'm all ears. Send your pigeons to the comment box.



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