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Thursday, June 29, 2017

No hard feelings

Hi Everyone,

Remember this?

I just wanted to say there's no hard feelings about last month's vote. You didn't want me to be the president of Europe and that's fine. I was of course a bit disappointed that I only got a few more votes than Krazy Gideon, the insane moderator who wasn't even running, but, hey, that's politics I guess. 

I have decided to withdraw from the public eye and concentrate on my original loves, photocopying and songwriting. You can expect a new album from me soon, accompanied by an extraordinarily hefty pile of xeroxed documents. It's what I'm good at after all. Well, I know how do some basic operations on the photocopier anyway. 

Maybe in a couple of years, I might try and be the president of my local chess club, but I'm not promising anything. 

Until next time, here's a song for you that goes towards capturing my unique sense of melancholy (sprinkled with flashes of unbridled insanity). Enjoy.