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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Brian is NOT in the kitchen


No one's seen Brian for a while.

However, we did receive a mysterious communication from him (see below). I have no idea what it means. He seems to be in some kind of trouble, but everyone in work is taking it with a large pinch of salt. The last time he sent us a Morse code message, he'd just locked himself in his office. He was furiously banging out Morse code on the door. We let him out after Icarus had finally deciphered Brian's message. Pretty quick, too. Only like 37.5 hours.

Anyway here is the message for your own ears. It's a youtube video sent from some fisherman's phone on a boat in the English channel. Weird and quite lazy, actually. Disappointed that Brain couldn't be bothered to hammer out his Morse code the traditional way, like he did on his office door. That was great!

See you next time. And if you see Brian, tell him that Bruno looking for him.