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Monday, June 25, 2018

Belleville rendez-vous

Today I took my favourite colleagues and friends, Icarus, Horatio and Philip, to a tour of the Chinese quarter in Paris called Belleville.

At first they were a little scared of the place, and I think Icarus did a little pipi in his pants when someone asked him for a cigarette. But Belleville is very welcoming once you get to know it, just like my Mamie's French bulldog, Rififi, who is just a big chouchou really and likes to do pipi on the floor just as much as Icarus.

Belleville is not just a home to Chinese restaurants, karaoke palaces and chicken feet boutiques, it is one of the most multicultural areas of Paris and home to many nations of the world - even French! So as a little tribute to this magnificent melting-pot, we sang a lovely karaoke song in Lucky's restaurant: We Are The World!

I am very sure that Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie were thinking of Belleville when they wrote this classic song. Merci beaucoup mes amis...


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